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Would you want to find out the sex of your unborn child before anybody else?

Identybaby® technology makes possible discover the baby gender as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy our technology is base on the isolation and analysis of fetal DNA in maternal blood. The product was developed taking care the mother-baby healthy, so the product is absolutely safe for both. Identybaby® allow you know the sex of your baby in advance and with the intimacy that you need.

Take a look at these unique characteristics
  1. Is exact. The IdentyBaby® test detects fetal DNA in the mother's blood, this allows you to discover the sex of your baby before a conventional ultrasound.

  2. It is easy, fast and convenient. You can call our laboratory and coordinate the visit of a professional to do the blood collection, at your home, in the office or where you indicate us. Your sample is processed in days and the results will be sent via email.

  3. It allows you to plan. IdentyBaby® enables you to start planning your pregnancy, your life and your future relationship with your baby before anyone else. You will know the sex of your baby and you can start thinking about your child's name sooner than imagined.

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The Science Behind the Test 

.In 1997, a group of researchers led by Dr. Lo demonstrated the appearance of free fetal DNA in the maternal plasma of pregnant women. This finding implies a disruptive technology in prenatal diagnosis. In fact, it has been applied in more than 60 countries mainly in search of genetic trisomies. Our development involves the innocuous use of a sample of maternal blood. Identybaby® is based on the detection of free fetal DNA from the male Y chromosome. In normal pregnancies and derived from a single embryo, detection of these markers in maternal blood indicates that the fetus is male, whereas the absence of detection indicates that the fetus is female.

Our Stories​

"The examination that you did to me was very accurate, the ultrasounds did not show the sex of my baby, it's a girl ... Thank you very much."


"My baby was born, his name is Benjamin and his test coincided with his sonographies. My name is Cecilia and I thank you so much for the test."


"The result of the laboratory coincided with the first ultrasound and agreed with the second ultrasound we are expecting a boy, Thank you"


How to request the service?


  • Montevideo, call at Laboratorio Montevideo. 

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